Amish Home Tour...
Step back in time as you enter the home of an Amish lady.  She will explain the differences in her home life and chores versus yours.  You will be amazed at how similar their life is to yours, minus one thing...electricity!

Take time to notice the quilts and handmade items around the home, as well as the simplier lifestyle that the Amish home reflects.

Learn about the  church services that are held in their homes as well as their daily chores, such as laundry.  

Meal in an Amish Home...

You will enter the Amish home and take your seat at one of the long tables.  If you have the chance, sit on one of the benches without a back and imagine what it is like to be seated for 2-3 hours in their church service on one of these benches!   

After you have taken time for a silent prayer or someone leads in prayer, your Amish hostess will begin serving your Home Cooked Meal!

Your meal will consist of a salad, homemade bread, jam or jelly, mashed potatoes & gravy, noodles or dressing, a vegetable, chicken & one other kind of meat, tea, lemonade, coffee or water. After you finish your first round, it will all come around again for seconds.  Then leave room for dessert!  You will have a choice of a slice of cream pie or a fruit pie!

This will be a cherished memory for years to come!

For a donation your Amish host or hostess may be available to give you a short ride in their buggy!  
Our Amish Meal Providers can do meals for groups of 4-200 in one seating!

Call ahead and let us get you scheduled in for a meal!
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