Woodworking Shop Tour...
Go into the Amish woodworking shop to see how the beautiful kitchen and bathroom cabinets are made.  Listen carefully as the Amish craftsman takes you through the entire work shop.  You will see how the cabinets are made from the start to the finishing touches. Have you ever wondered how the dove tail joints are made?  What about the finish, how do they get it so perfect?  Well this may be the tour for you! 
Buggy Shop Tour:  Learn how buggies are made in the Central Illinois Amish Community by a gentleman who has been making them for a living for many years.  He will show you how the box of the buggy is made using 2x4 construction and vinyl to cover it.  The wheels are also made in his shop and he demonstrates how they are put together one rung at a time.  Learn what is required by law for these buggies to be out on our streets and country roads, and as you ask questions, you can learn so much more!  Don't be shy...Ask any buggy related question that you are curious about!
Amish Farm Tour:  Choose Between Belgian Horse Farm or a Goat Farm Tour

Belgian Horse Farm: Learn how this Amish Family raises Belgian work horses for sale.  These horses are similar to Clydedales, but are not as large and the Amish use them for working in the fields.  

Goat Farm:  This Amish family milks, processes, and sells goat milk.  See how the goats are milked and how the processing of the milk takes place.  You may even be able to try a few samples while you are there!