Guided Tour of the Amish Countryside...
As you drive, our knowledgeable step-on guide will explain about the Amish lifestyle and culture as you go. 
 Learn about the Amish schools, buggies, homes, church services, weddings, funerals and so much more.  You will see horses grazing in their pastures, perhaps farmers working in their fields, buggies and bicyles on the road,and almost always clothes on the line, as you step back in time to a  quieter more peaceful lifestyle!  

Ask any questions you may have about the Amish and your guide will do their best to answer them.  Following are pictures of sights you may see as you travel through the Illinois Amish country!  

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There's an Old Amish Saying:
"Many a good house has been built out of a barn, but never has a good barn been built out of a house!"
Such was the case with this Amish house.  The family built the barn and lived in the bottom/front part of it until they had too many children and out grew the barn and had to take out a loan and build the house.